!gO! Nomad – The Arena

So The Arena is still going on! So I had to go back and try the gacha from !gO! to see if I could get the outfit from it in the same colour and it must have been my lucky day because I managed to get it all in red each time I played and no doubles!! Anyway heres the outfit:


As usual I am wearing #TheMeshProject Advance Body

& #TheMeshProject head Moody

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Deaglan

Top: !gO! nomad collar – Red | ! gO ! MS

Kilt: !gO! nomad kilt – Red | ! gO ! MS

Legs: !gO! nomad leg protectors – Khaki | ! gO ! MS

This outfit comes in a few different colours but red is my favourite so I am happy I got it! Also there’s not that long to go until The Arena event is finished so if you haven’t already go and check it out! Also you should check out the ! gO ! stand when you visit The Arena! Theres more than just this gacha!



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